Family go-karting was once fast, fun and popular. But today, kids only get electric toy ride-ons, and recreational karts for adults seem extinct.  Khana Karts rewinds the clock and adds a whole new level of fun. The original Khana Kart brings real gymkhana to the masses. Now everyone, young or old, can learn to drive like a pro. Whether you want economical extreme practice between races or just to be a more capable and safe driver on the street, join the Khana Karting excitement!

Designed with perfect flex and massive steering angle, Khana Karts allow you to master car control quickly. Our frame is custom built for the unique demands of drifting, while providing superior comfort and reliability.

Bring your neighborhood together! We seek venues that can accommodate hungry and thirsty crowds. If you have a large parking lot and would sponsor a family activity, please let us know.

We provide a fun and safe tool for parent/child bonding while teaching critical driving skills that last a lifetime.