Khana Karts wants to bring your neighborhood together in the name of critical driving skills development and fun. We strive for kids and adults to play together, using the same kart frame. Unlike other motorsport variants, Khana Karting is all about affordability and accessibility. The paved world is our playground!

Venues with large, open parking lots are great.  As Khana Kart drivers/drifters become experienced, setting up courses with cones, curbing or other small obstacles provides more challenge and excitement.  We want all drivers to be safe and secure so you should always make sure that your karting location is not on restricted property.  Get your community leaders and business owners involved to support your efforts. 

Key elements to a successful event are:

  1. A parking lot or paved surface large enough to have a small circuit laid out,
  2. People of all ages with enthusiasm for learning new skills and having a blast,
  3. And, a few hours to play... Nobody ever wants to stop once the fun begins.

If you would like help planning an event, please let us know.  We're here to help.