Terms and Conditions

Think about it... You are sitting with your head very close to a motor and spinning drivetrain. No long hair allowed, or else you may be horrendously scalped by entanglement in the machine. No human resistance will stop that motor, except being able to flip the switch. Do not let anyone near the kart who has dangling hair, scarves, or other loose clothing.

If all goes well, you are going 15-25 mph in a kart with very little rear traction. Do not ride near parked trailers, trucks, or bumpers that you might slide under. Decapitation is no joke.

Please wear a helmet and protective clothing. Don't dangle arms and legs out the side or between spaces in the frame. Focus on driving and drifting. It is easier with all appendages.

We want you to have fun with your Khana Kart. However, we have no clue what you will do on your kart and must cover ourselves from your potential antics.

By placing your order, you are confirming that you are fully aware that there is a risk involved while participating in any motorized activity, and you declare that Khana Karts will not be held responsible for any mishap or damage which occurs in the use of the products purchased from Khana Karts.

You, hereby declare that you are medically fit to operate a motorized vehicle.

You release Khana Karts, and whosoever is associated with Khana Karts, from all responsibility and liability, and agree that under no circumstances will you sue Khana Karts or its employees.

By placing this order you declare that you have fully understood the terms and conditions of Khana Karts, and this will stand true forever in the future.